Tabular: .Net Provider supported by Tabular Mode

  Yes, tabular server supports .Net Provider but only for those Data Sources which are mentioned in this article –  Data Sources Supported (SSAS Tabular) Take an example of Oracle, if you select Oracle in “Table Import Wizard” and click on Next, you will find Connect to an Oracle Database Windows -> on that windows…


Introduction to SQL 2012 Tabular Modeling

3rd August, 2013 Presented a Session about SQL 2012 Tabular Server for DBA’s in an Event Organized by There were around 250+ attendees majorly DBA’s came with an intent of learning SQL BI, as they are from Non BI background, so I kept it basic. PPT for your reference…… Few Pictures from event…….


SQL 2012 TABULAR: Performance Tuning of Tabular Models in SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services

Most Awaited Tabular Performance Tuning Paper is out…………. Applies to: SQL Server 2012 Summary: Tabular models hosted in SQL Server 2012 Analysis Service provide a comparatively lightweight, easy to build and deploy solution for business intelligence. However, as you increase the data load, add more users, or run complex queries, you need to have a…


Tabular: Error while using ODBC data source for Importing Data

Issue When using ODBC as a Data Source in the Table Import Wizard to add data to a Tabular Server, we are getting the following  error; however, preview shows the data correctly: Error Message: OLE DB or ODBC error: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch between the Driver and Application; IM014….


Power View for Multidimensional Model is Finally Here

I am pretty excited about this feature with SQL 2012 SP1 Cumulative Update 4,  you can create Power View reports against existing Cubes. Refer this blog for further information:


HDInsight Whitepapers

  Informative Whitepapers covering operation of HDInsight including: 1) Compression in Hadoop When using Hadoop, there are many challenges in dealing with large data sets. The goal of this document is to provide compression techniques that you can use to optimize your Hadoop jobs, and reduce bottlenecks associated with moving and processing large data sets….


SSAS Crashing Intermittently: Caused by Monitoring / AV Scans

Problem Description: Analysis Services crashed, generating dump file. Assessment: The issue is SMS client (CcmExce) does software inventory periodically, and it scans the data folder of Analysis Services. When a job needs to commit, it has to delete older version of data files. At the moment, the SMS client has a file handle on some…


Microsoft BI Authentication and Identity Delegation

  From straightforward client/server designs to complex architectures relying on distributed Windows services, SharePoint applications, Web services, and data sources, Microsoft BI solutions can pose many challenges to seamless user authentication and end-to-end identity delegation. SQL Server technologies and data providers expect to use Windows authentication while SharePoint Server uses Web Services Security (WS-Security). Flowing…


Connectivity Issue: "A connection cannot be made to redirector. Ensure that ‘SQL Browser’ service is running"

Symptoms: SSAS Named Instance running on cluster with two nodes, on one instance we are able to connect SSAS using Name Instance but when you failover to other node and try to connect we get error message SSAS Cluster Virtual Server Name – SSASVirtualServer Instance is MySSAS Two Nodes: NodeA, NodeB When NodeA is owner…