SQL – Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW)

In this presentation we will figure out what’s SQL PDW, SMP Vs. MPP and world of Appliance…. SQL – Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) from Karan Gulati


Cleared SSAS Maestro (MCM)

  Finally achieved highest certification in SSAS world. What is the SSAS Maestros? The SSAS Maestro program was created as a way to share the lessons learned by enterprise customers of the SQL Customer Advisory Team (SQLCAT) using complex SQL Server 2008 R2 Analysis Services and a Unified Dimensional Model (UDM). Requirements Because of the…


SSAS Synchronization: Across different versions

  Problem Statement: Synchronization between different builds or versions of Analysis Services. Solution: The Synchronize Database Wizard makes two Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services databases equivalent by copying the data and metadata from a source server to a destination server. This wizard can also be used to deploy a database from a staging server onto…


SSAS encryption

Description: Customer asking if AS supports TDE like encryption we got in SQL Engine. Solution: SSAS doesn’t support any data encryption on disk, in simple words – SSAS doesn’t do any kind of encryption. What it supports: HTTPS – You can use Analysis Services using PUMP and configure pump with HTTPS Windows File System encryption …


SSAS Data Collection: Collecting Perfmon for SSAS

Applies to Windows7, Windows 2008/R2 and Vista SQL Server all builds >= SQL 2005 Generally, for troubleshooting SSAS Issues, we recommend to collect below mentioned Perfmon Counters – All Counters Related to SSAS (MSAS_ or MSOLP$) For default instance SSAS Counter Name suffix with MSAS.n and for named instance it start with MSOLAP$Instance Name -…


Getting Deadlock Error During Processing

Issue: Intermittently Getting below mentioned error during processing OLE DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error. Transaction (Process ID n) was deadlocked on thread| communication buffer resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Cause: A deadlock is a circular blocking chain, where two or more spids are each blocked by…


SSDT Query Builder: MDX Query returning NULL instead of AllMembers

  *SSDT – SQL Server Data Tools *SSMS – SQL Server Management Studio In SSDT Query Designer getting Null for All members: One of my customers recently reported this issue so thought of sharing with world…… Demo given below will provide an insight…………… Simple query, where we are doing cross join of allmembers from Product…


Configuring: PowerPivot for Excel 2013

  For configuring PowerPivot in Excel 2013 you need to follow below mentioned steps: In Excel 2013 By default PowerPivot add-in is disabled and you need to enable it manually – 1) File –> Options –> Add-in –>Manage Select (Com Add-Ins)   2) After Selecting Com Add-in click GO, by default Add-ins are disabled  …


How to use Network Monitor to capture network traffic

  Often I need to share these steps with customers while troubleshooting Connectivity issues, so thought to write an article with screenshots which will ease in collecting traces: Please go to the following URL and install the latest version of Network Monitor 3.4 , make sure you download the right version depending upon your machine’…