SQLDW: Could not allocate a new page for database

Issue: Recently I faced an issue where Stored Procedure running on SQLDW failing with error as follow An error occurred in Stored Procedure Activity execution. Diagnostic details: Database operation failed on server ‘xxxyyyy123.centralus1-a.worker.database.windows.net,11087′ with SQL Error Number ‘1101’. Error message from database execution : Could not allocate a new page for database ‘Distribution_11’ because of…


HDInsight: How to find Long Running Queries

Coming from SQL background where you have dependency on SQL Profiler Trace for understanding what’s going on SQL Server like who is running non optimized long query, where its scanning through all partitions and yes who is using non indexed columns for filter right? So coming to HDInsight world wondering do we have something like…


SSAS Monitoring Tool–SQL 2014 ASTrace

  Refer SSAS Monitoring Tool– ASTrace to learn more about ASTrace, this post was pending for a long time as I got tons of email and comment around SQL 2014 and 2016 ASTrace, whith this blog like to mention that I have shared a source code on git so anyone can contribute to same.  …


Azure Data Factory: Detecting and Re-Running failed ADF Slices

  Recently I came across  a scenario where I need to detect failed slices of all Datasets in Azure Data Factory, in my case I need to detect for last 3 months and the number of slices was around 600+, they failed due to validation error as the source data wasn’t present and after a…


Microsoft Azure Essentials: Azure Machine Learning

  Microsoft Azure Essential: Azure ML Free book is pretty informative if you wanted to learn about ML. Link as follow: Download the PDF (5.84 MB) Additionally I recommend to go through free courser from University of Washington available through coursera. Step by Step course of going in depth of Machine Learning. Link as follow:…


Informative HDInsight Links

Tried to collate informative articles related to HDInsight. In comments section please add URLs of article / video which  you came across and like me to add it to this list. Links as follow:- Get started with HDInsight Get started using Hadoop with Hive in HDInsight to analyze mobile handset use Get started with HDinsight…


Harnessing the Power of both worlds

  Harness the Power of Both Worlds –SQL Engine and Analysis Services Introduction The combination of the SQL Engine and Analysis Services is awesome because it lets you harness the power of both worlds: columnstore Indexes in the SQL engine and real-time or relational OLAP (ROLAP) in Analysis Services. Recently I have done some testing…


System Patching: Steps need to follow on SSAS Server before applying Windows Patches

  Generally when we apply System Level patches we tend to reboot Machine / Server multiple times based on Patch requirement. In this blog I am trying to cover points we need to keep in mind while applying System Level Patches: Reboot can cause SSAS Database Corruption (refer this link for more details), before applying…


Analysis Services MOLAP Performance Guide for SQL Server 2012 and 2014

  This white paper describes how business intelligence developers can apply query and processing performance-tuning techniques to their OLAP solutions running on Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. This paper is based on the performance guide for 2008 R2 and has been reviewed and updated to validate performance on SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014….