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There's been quite a bit going on with Phoenix lately.  Probably the biggest thing is that a new RDK has been released.  Go to the Phoenix Connect site and you can download it;

From the description on the webpage:

"Phoenix RDK March 2007 features improved API naming, more optimizations, volatile supports for acquire/release semantics, improvements to c2 generated debug information, more robust and accurate raising of MSIL to LIR, improved conditional branch semantics, and improved documentation."

Some other cool news is that there is a Phoenix MSDN Forum now!  In the past the forum was restricted to only academics, and it was on more difficult to use message board system.  Now we've joined all of the other Visual Studio technologies in the MSDN Forum, and it is open to everyone.  So if you have any questions, or comments, that's a great place to post them!

And just as a reminder the Phoenix CGO tutorial is coming up in just a about a week.  I got to sit in a dry run session at Microsoft that Andy Ayers gave and it's some cool stuff.  We didn't do the whole tutorial, but we used extension objects, the dataflow/simulation package, and had fun with flow graphs and the bit-vector package.  Online registration I believe is closed, but there are still spaces open if you register onsite.

And lastly, myself, Jim Hogg, and Andy Ayers had our proposal for a Phoenix tutorial at PLDI 2007 accepted.  While it will also be hands-on, the focus will be on building tools.  More info on this as I get it.  Also, if people have feedback on what they'd like to see in a hands-on tutorial, please let me know.  We have plenty of time to custom craft it.

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  1. JieJun says:

    hi, I am new to Phoenix. Currently I am trying to use phoenix to profile program and then do optimization. According to the help file, there’s should be a profilling sample called ‘Spectro’, but I don’t see it in the Phoenix folder. Would you mind telling me when I can get it or would you please give me some other samples I can follow. Many thanks.

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    Hi Jie, we chatted in email, but I thought I should also respond to the forum.  The answer to your question is that we don’t have the Spectro sample any more, but the documentation has not been updated.  Use the BBCount sample.  It is actually probably closer to what you want to do then Spectro was anyways.



  3. souren says:

    Oh you saved tons of my time. Thanks a lot.

  4. njhy says:

    Hi KSG,

    I’ve downloaded Aspect.NET 2.1. Its user guide reads I need to install Phoenix March 2007 release.  However, I am unable to find the RDK any where. Please tell me where I can get it from.

    Thank you.

  5. MSDN Archive says:

    njhy, take a look at this page:

    I think it has what you’re looking for.

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