Visual C++ at PDC 2005

PDC 2005 looks like it will be fun and exciting (as it usually it).  Being on the C++ team I wanted to look at the talks that had C++ based content, and I think we have some pretty cool looking sessions.  Below I talk briefly about some of the cooler talks at the show.  (And BTW, if you're going to be at the PDC and would like to have some time chatting with the C++ team, let me know, and we can set aside some time.)

You can get all the abstracts here:

So first there are two precons that look great.  These are the types of talks that will make you the company expert in the field (I used the abstracts for the two precons, but for the other talks I just wrote my own commentary):

"C++ Patterns and Practices"
Stan Lippman, Brandon Bray, Anson Tsao, Nikola Dudar

Writing effective C++ code targeting Windows means knowing good practices and patterns.  This talk will use the experience gathered by the speakers through years of C++, STL, MFC, WinForms, and STL/CLR, as well as experience with an extensive set of customers.  Whether it's templates and generics to interop or even resource management,  bases covered.

"C++ Internals"
Jim Hogg, Stan Lippman, Bob Davidson, Brandon Bray
This is the talk that only the C++ Product Unit could give, and they're here to give it.  While understanding the internals of C++ is fascinating from a purely intellectual perspective, the Visual C++ team has found the set of internal knowledge that will also help you become the expert C++ developer.  This talk will cover issues such as the C++ object model (managed and unmanaged), the complexity of app domains when the whole world is not managed, performance internals, and much much more. 

After that we have our breakout session:
"C++: Future Directions in Language Innovation"
Herb Sutter
If you've never heard Herb speak before, you're missing out on a treat.  Plus for all those naysayers who think that C++ is last year's language, don't miss this talk.  I'd say if there is one talk to attend for the PDC, this is the one. 

And we have two lunch sessions.  These are especially constructed so that you could watch any 10 minute section of the talk and get useful information out of it (rather than requiring you need to watch it from beginning to end):

"Tips & Tricks: C++ Optimization Best Practices"
My hope is that this will be a very useful session.  Not so much about flashy wiz-bang technology, but more for the working developer who wants to make sure they're making the best use of the optimizer.  If you write code that needs performance this is the talk for you.  And if you have any particular area you'd like for me to have some content on, leave a comment or send an email.  I'm still making some tweaks.

"Tips & Tricks: Productivity Tips for the Visual C++ IDE"
Tarek Madkour
I've seen sneak previews of this talk and it's darn cool.  Tons of demos and I guarantee you will learn useful tidbits about using the IDE that you did not know before.  I know I did.  Plus Tarek is unstumpable (real word?) when it comes to IDE questions, so bring all the questions you have regarding IDE issues.

And here are some talks that I think would be especially interesting to customers who have Win32/MFC apps today and want to add cool WinFx/Longhorn features.  I think these two would be quite useful:

"Windows Presentation Foundation ("Avalon"): Integrating with Your Win32/MFC Application"
Nick Kramer
One of the great things we've done in VS2005 (and going forward) is making sure that customers who have MFC can continue to leverage all the upcoming work on the platform.   While not given by a member of the C++ team, I think this is one of the talks you'll definitely want to attend. 

"Longhorn: A Case Study on How Your Application Takes Advantage of Longhorn"
Adam Nathan
This talk is about augmenting Win32 code and taking advantage of new Longhorn features.  Apparently he starts with a version of Internet Hearts and then uses that as the running demo as he makes it really shine on Longhorn.  I haven't seen this talk, but I think this will be one of the most important talks for ISVs who want to "light-up" on Longhorn.

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