Get your ringtones here…

If you play on an XBOX 360, you may be interested to know that Major Nelson posted the achievement unlocked sound on his blog. If you have a windows mobile phone, you can download it and make it your ringtone.

John Tokash’s 3 lies about iPhone

John makes some interesting comments about iPhone. I certainly believe that homebrew code will find its way on to the device, either through the MAKE: crowd or Linux or some other community channel. The hardware is hot enough that people will want to engage. It’s still a terrible story from a development point of view….


Time Magazine has an interesting article on the genesis of the Apple iPhone. I read through the announcements on Engadget and I’m honestly disappointed. The phone itself is pretty hot. The hardware specifically is really impressive. But there are some fatal flaws in my opinion. No 3G radio, if you want 3G from Cingular, Windows…