Fascinating – the speech accent archive

I had lunch w/ Michael Wallent the other day (Michael was my group manager when I worked in Windows) and he mentioned a really fascinating site to me. George Mason University did a study on phonetic variations that occur as a result of people’s accents; including an archive of all the samples they took. One…


5 Things that should be taught in every school

OFF TOPIC: I saw a link to this post on 43 folders. Brian Kim writes about self-improvement and has some interesting suggestions for what every young person should learn before they venture out into the real world. Some great ideas there, and really good food for thought for new parents and for educators.

Children’s Hospital

Live Search and Team Seattle are partnering to help children’s hospital. Children’s is an awesome institution that does really great work. Head on over to http://teamseattle.live.com for more info on what the partnership is about.

Off topic – Doogie Howser Sings!

A colleague in the office sent me this link. My wife and I have started watching a sitcom on CBS called “How I Met Your Mother”. One of the cast of the show used to be the star on another television program I watched when I was a kid, “Doogie Howser MD”. Anyway, it seems…

Arrested Development

MSN Video will be hosting the entire 3 season run of Arrested development on MSN Video. Awesome.

Fair Use

Virgin Records in India is distributing some regular CD’s with copy protection on them. Being someone who works on a product that suffers from billions of dollars of loss due to piracy every year, I should be sympathetic to this, but frankly I think it’s underhanded. When I buy a CD, I’m paying for an unprotected…


If you liked Shtickers, take a look at PolyGFX

I found this site the other day that caters to the pc case-mod crowd… PolyGFX will take any custom artwork you do in illustrator, coreldraw, etc. and make you a wrap for your case out of it.

Shtickers for your notebook

design*sponge links to some cool decals for making your notebook look nice…

Kam’s a lazy blogger…

No blogging since April… lazy blogger. I could say “I’ve been busy” but that would be lying. It’s actually been super busy with WinHEC in Seattle, and again in Taipei, I had a great opportunity to meet with a ton of customers about some of the great work we’re doing for Longhorn. Some folks even…

Masala Downloads!

It seems that Movielink and CinemaNow aren’t the only ones in the downloadable movies business. Masala Downloads now has Indian movies in WMV format that you can download… my favorite part of their website is that they advertise the downloads being “legal” as a feature.