Keeping the taskbar transparent when your deskband is enabled

If you have code that implements a deskband for the Windows Taskbar in Windows Vista, you may have noticed that it causes the taskbar to appear opaque when there is not a maximized window open, instead of being transparent, but darkly tinted which is the normal state of the taskbar. You can get around this…


Vista Virtual Desktop Manager

I recently discovered this project over on codeplex. It’s a virtual desktop manager for Windows Vista that uses the live thumbnail preview API’s exposed by the Desktop Window Manager. It’s still very beta, but a great example of some of the innovation that can be built on the platform that the DWM provides.


Scott Hanselman looks at Vista task switching applications

Scott wrote a quick review of some different Task Switching applications that have been written for Windows Vista using the new window thumbnail preview API’s that are part of Windows Vista’s desktop composition system.


Why Intel 915 graphics don’t have a WDDM driver for Windows Vista

A common question among folks who are upgrading to Windows Vista on slightly older notebooks, tablet PC’s, and UMPC’s is why the Intel 915 graphics chipset doesn’t have WDDM support, as WDDM support is a prerequisite for Desktop Composition. The folks over at the Intel software blog have posted a video with the answer to…


iTunes & Quicktime and Aero

I made a post about a year ago regarding how some applications have a side effect of disabling Aero.  While it is still possible to create applications that have this side-effect (due to the underlying problem of applications accessing the primary display buffer directly), many of the applications that exhibited this behavior during the Beta process…


Back on Channel 9!

In late December, I sat down for another interview on Channel 9. It took a little while to “bake” over the holidays, but it finally got posted about a week ago. I know some folks are asking for the source code for the demo that was shown, you can download it from here. This sample…


USA Today on the Windows Vista Upgrade Experience

In the USA Today Personal Technology Column this week, Ed Baig talks about his experience upgrading to Windows Vista. He has some really complementary comments about Aero in this write-up: The Aero interface is handsome. Users will appreciate translucent edges, live thumbnail images that appear over taskbar items you mouse over, and a 3D effect…

Instant Viewer & Intellipoint Software for Windows Vista

The new Intellipoint Software for Windows Vista has a great feature that builds on the DWM API called “Instant Viewer”. It allows you to remap the click-wheel to bring up a grid view of all your open Windows like this:


Report on the performance impact of Desktop Composition

Ars Technica picked up a report on a study on Windows Vista performance that was conducted at Principled Technologies, a technology assessment company in North Carolina. There’s lots of good data in the study about the performance of Windows Vista on a handful of different hardware platforms. One of the highlights for me was reading…

exposé using DWM API

Greg Schecter has been blogging extensively about the DWM API’s in Windows Vista lately. It’s definitely worth a look, as he does a great job outlining the possibility of what you can do using the DWM on Windows Vista. One great example I saw recently was created by someone I only know as “Simon on…