It’s late…

…and I’m catching up on my blogroll. Two things that popped for me this evening are Brand New, which has a guest editorial write-up about how the brand of American Gladiators was updated for the return to television, and Jan’s review of the updated Zune client. I had a chance to work with Jan for…



Someone at work forwarded me a link to this video on the New York Times site about the clutter around us.


A Ribbon Gotcha!

I ran into an interesting foible using the Ribbon in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 today. I’m generally a big fan of the Ribbon in Office, but today it got the best of me. Hopefully this post will help you avoid this pitfall if you use it the same way I do. The “gotcha” stems from…


Off topic: Business Cards

Someone at work forwarded me a post on that linked to a couple great galleries of business cards. Flickr gallery of business cards Creative Bits gallery of business cards There’s a host of really creative ideas in there!