PixelMill Templates for Expression Web

PixelMill is has started creating templates for Expression Web. They are some very nice looking, professionally designed templates that have been tested for W3C compliance and use CSS-based layout.


Expression Momentum

Momentum is starting to build around the expression tools. There’s a nice write-up in InfoWorld covering the ExpressionSession07 events that kicked off this week.


CSS Cheat Sheet

Lifehacker points to a handy CSS Cheat Sheet this morning. It’s funny – stuff like this can be pretty basic, but at the same time really confounding. I always get margin and padding mixed up…


A new job and a new look!

Several weeks ago, I started a in a new role at Microsoft as a program manager on the Expression Web team! With Windows Vista out the door I decided it was time for me to do something new. To celebrate the new role, I took the opportunity to make-over my blog using some of the…