A new job and a new look!

Several weeks ago, I started a in a new role at Microsoft as a program manager on the Expression Web team! With Windows Vista out the door I decided it was time for me to do something new. To celebrate the new role, I took the opportunity to make-over my blog using some of the…


Heuristics for enabling Aero

If you’re a system builder or just building a pc for yourself, and you want to make sure that your PC can run Aero, you’ll be interested in this document. It describes the heuristics the operating system uses to enable Aero, and outlines some troubleshooting steps for getting Aero up and running if it doesn’t…


DPI Scaling in Windows Vista

Someone posted a question via the blog recently asking about how Windows Vista supports high DPI displays. Here’s a quick summary of how it all works: You can find the DPI settings in Windows Vista by right click’ing on the desktop and selecting "Personalize", and the clicking "Adjust Font Size (DPI)" in the task list…



It’s done! Windows Vista has released to manufacturing! The Windows Vista page on Microsoft.com has the scoop on when it will be broadly available.  


colorization improvements for maximized windows

One question (complaint really) we’ve gotten for quite some time with Windows Vista has been that customers who select a custom color for their windows lose that color when the window is maximized.  Well – we fixed that – the next RC build of Windows Vista will maintain your color in the darkened maximized windows!…


exposé using DWM API

Greg Schecter has been blogging extensively about the DWM API’s in Windows Vista lately. It’s definitely worth a look, as he does a great job outlining the possibility of what you can do using the DWM on Windows Vista. One great example I saw recently was created by someone I only know as “Simon on…


Arrested Development

MSN Video will be hosting the entire 3 season run of Arrested development on MSN Video. Awesome.


Dissecting my WinHEC talk

I got an email recently about a post on a third-party discussion board regarding my talk at WinHEC. This made me chuckle. I assume it’s the zoom-in on the caption buttons that’s being questioned there. I’m pretty sure if you look up my slide deck from WinHEC 2005 you’ll find the same image in there…


Photographing Fireworks

Sean Alexander pointed me to this great article about photographing fireworks. Timely.