Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED

Microsoft, Dell and (RED) announced a partnership to help people living with HIV/AIDS in Africa. All the details are over on the Windows Vista blog. There’s also some coverage of it over on Engadget.


Keeping the taskbar transparent when your deskband is enabled

If you have code that implements a deskband for the Windows Taskbar in Windows Vista, you may have noticed that it causes the taskbar to appear opaque when there is not a maximized window open, instead of being transparent, but darkly tinted which is the normal state of the taskbar. You can get around this…



Someone at work forwarded me a link to this video on the New York Times site about the clutter around us.


The Final Frontier

I saw this over on one of the home server blogs I read.


Camera RAW Codecs for Windows

One of the features we added in Windows Vista was a platform to support for decoding camera raw images in Windows Photo Gallery (and later Windows Live Gallery), Windows Explorer, and Win32 & WPF applications. The camera IHV community has done a great job supporting this effort by creating codecs that enable raw files for…


long time – no blog

As you may have noticed, I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus form blogging for a while. Hopefully you haven’t unsubscribed because I’ll be picking up the blog again in coming weeks and months.