Don’t Try This At Home!

This evening, I'm watching a recording of "Shark Weekend HD" on Discovery HD. The first frame of the program has a big blue screen that reads:


Diving with great white sharks without the protection of a cage is extremely dangerous.

The scenes you are about to see were conducted by professional shark divers with years of experience.


Upon reading this, I have to ask:

  1. Is diving with great white's with the protection of a cage not extremely dangerous?
  2. Are there people watching who have great white's at home that are thinking of diving with them without the protection of the cage?

It's a mind-boggling to me that people would take a television show like this as an invitation…

Comments (1)

  1. zzz says:

    There was a car ad where the car went up and down a snowy skiing mountain. Well not long after someone I think rented the car and attempted to see if it can really do that. I don’t remember what happened but since it made news it probably didn’t go well and there was some accident…

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