Mary Jo Foley says Leopard looks like Windows Vista

When we did the visuals for Vista, we worked really hard to get a to a look and feel that was streamlined, efficient, and modern. We knew people would compare what we're doing to what other companies do, but I never expected this.

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  1. Sean says:

    Now that IS unexpected.

    The unfortunate part of that article is that Mary Jo has apparently never seen previous versions of Mac OS X that include most of the features she is implying are "new" to Leopard.

    This would be like someone who only drove Cadillacs taking a look at your Ford Mustang and saying "Wheels?  Someone has been peaking into Cadillac’s backyard!  I smell rip-off!"

  2. Robert Knight says:

    The article argues that many of Leopard’s new features already have counterparts in Vista, not that the look and feel is the same.    I do not expect anyone to argue that either – OS X and Vista have clearly differentiated aesthetics.  

  3. Carl Ebanks says:

    I think the issue is definitely a lack of research on her part. A lot of the features she wants to compare are already present in the current release of OS X. Desktop search, widgets etc all released before Vista.  But then again, I know that Apple got the idea for Spaces from Linux, so go figure.

    For a site as big a Zdnet I think this is pretty embarassing.

    Unless of course, it’s a bit of link baiting, which is obviously working!!

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