Instant Viewer & Intellipoint Software for Windows Vista

The new Intellipoint Software for Windows Vista has a great feature that builds on the DWM API called "Instant Viewer". It allows you to remap the click-wheel to bring up a grid view of all your open Windows like this:

Screenshot of Instant View

Comments (5)

  1. Will Sullivan says:

    Doesn’t only work in vista; works in XP too.

  2. Kay says:

    Looks quite interesting, too bad I had to ditch my MSFT Trackball after 3 years and get a Logitech one :-

    MSFT shouldn’t have stopped making trackballs, otherwise I could be using this too 🙁

  3. Rosyna says:

    Wow, how innovative.

  4. RS says:

    I have a Microsoft 4000 Keyboard on my xp system and would LOVE to map a key to this.  I want to save my click wheel for ctrl-click for tabbed browsing.   Please please ask the keyboard people to make this an option for the keyboards!

  5. killerfish says:

    Odd, I have an USB intellimouse explorer and I’m running Vista Ultimate.  I just installed Intellipoint Software for Vista and clicking my middle mouse button does nothing?    I’ve triede reconfiguring in MS Mouse program, but no joy.. Any ideas?

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