Dell Concept LCD – Please Build it!

Dell makes some of the best LCD monitors out there, if not the best. I have a Dell 2001FP's at home and work that I've been using at home for quite some time now and they're really incredible. They have great response time, beautiful picture, and I've had no problems whatsoever. I was planning on getting a nice big 3007-HC Ultrasharp display when they start shipping… then I saw this:

Dell Concept LCD @ CES

…it seems some folks from the Inquirer saw it at a CES briefing. Where has Dell been hiding this thing? And more over – where have they been hiding the people who designed it?

Every PC Dell ships should get designed by whoever these guys are. If they can do that, and maintain their price points – it will be a huge win for them and for customers everywhere.

Build it! Please.

Comments (2)

  1. Brody says:

    That is awesome. That’s what Microsoft’s partners should all be bringing to the table. Microsoft needs to kick them into gear a little bit.

  2. beBoy says:

    OMG!  That’s slick!  I want that sitting on my desk instead of the Dell 19" LCD that I’m using!  This thing is so glassy compare to the one I have (black!)

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