John Tokash’s 3 lies about iPhone

John makes some interesting comments about iPhone. I certainly believe that homebrew code will find its way on to the device, either through the MAKE: crowd or Linux or some other community channel. The hardware is hot enough that people will want to engage. It's still a terrible story from a development point of view.

I wonder if they will really sneak in 3G at the last minute like John suggests. The device has wifi, so it may be enough to just use a hotspot to get your content on there (or sync it from a mac). Certainly at home and work, the wifi will be available. That's been my experience with the T-Mobile Dash that I got recently. I was debating between the Dash, the Q, and the Blackjack. The Q & Blackjack were interesting because of EVDO and HSDPA respectively. At the end of the day I went with the Dash mostly because the total cost over 2 years would be much lower, and T-Mobile only required a 1 year contract and is really good about unlocking for international travel. I was concerned that the lack of 3G would be a problem but the truth is I just haven't hit it. Yes – I can't pull up streaming video using ORB while walking down the street. But even the bus in the Seattle area has wifi now, so I'm pretty well covered that way.

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