Intensity Pro

Does anyone out there have any experience with the Intensity Pro from Blackmagic Design? I’m looking for info on what kind of metadata gets captured along with the video stream through HDMI from a camera like a Sony HDR-HC3. If you have some experience with this, please let me know via the contact link on…


Vista Virtual Desktop Manager

I recently discovered this project over on codeplex. It’s a virtual desktop manager for Windows Vista that uses the live thumbnail preview API’s exposed by the Desktop Window Manager. It’s still very beta, but a great example of some of the innovation that can be built on the platform that the DWM provides.


Don’t Try This At Home!

This evening, I’m watching a recording of “Shark Weekend HD” on Discovery HD. The first frame of the program has a big blue screen that reads: “WARNING Diving with great white sharks without the protection of a cage is extremely dangerous. The scenes you are about to see were conducted by professional shark divers with…


A Ribbon Gotcha!

I ran into an interesting foible using the Ribbon in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 today. I’m generally a big fan of the Ribbon in Office, but today it got the best of me. Hopefully this post will help you avoid this pitfall if you use it the same way I do. The “gotcha” stems from…


Really High DPI

I got a question from a colleague about this recently, and thought I should share the answer with everyone. Windows Vista has some special functionality for running on very high DPI displays (greater than 120 DPI). When you set your system DPI to a size larger than 120 in the control panel, the operating system…


another new job

It’s wasn’t that long ago that I moved to work on the Microsoft Expression line of products. As fate would have it, my stay on the Expression team has been relatively short. A while back, I accepted an offer to return to Windows for something very unique that I couldn’t pass up. As such, I’ll likely…

No Motion Capture

This weekend I saw Ratatouille. The fine folks at Pixar constantly amaze me. The movie was excellent. I stayed through the closing credits hoping for out-takes or funny credits (none yet) and noticed something interesting – there was a credit with an image that read something like “100% pure animation – no motion capture”. And…


Mary Jo Foley says Leopard looks like Windows Vista

When we did the visuals for Vista, we worked really hard to get a to a look and feel that was streamlined, efficient, and modern. We knew people would compare what we’re doing to what other companies do, but I never expected this.


Feature Prioritization

Mike Calligaro posted a great write up on how feature prioritization happens at software companies. This was a great read for me. It really hit home in terms of how I think of every feature request I get. Updated – forgot the link in the original post.


Off topic: Business Cards

Someone at work forwarded me a post on that linked to a couple great galleries of business cards. Flickr gallery of business cards Creative Bits gallery of business cards There’s a host of really creative ideas in there!