Hack your router

UPDATED: fixed the link -now it points to the same article LifeHacker was linking to (I can't find the LifeHacker post anymore). Sorry about the UPS package tracking thing.

I’m generally not one to recommend doing anything that might void your warrantee… but this one really appealed to the geek in me. LifeHacker links to DD-WRT, an open-source firmware replacement for wireless home network devices. Lets you get under the hood and do all sorts of interesting things…

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  1. Bucky says:

    The main reason to hack a router (other than hacking for the sake of hacking) is to add more functionality (static DHCP, wireless mesh, working DDNS, etc). The article unfortunately focuses in on the most misunderstood aspect of router hacking; increasing the Access Point transmit power (Xmit). Wireless connectivity is two way communication, thus increasing the Xmit power of your router doesn’t do any good (and may do some harm) to your wireless network connectivity. Just because you can see your network down the street (Xmit 251) doesn’t mean your laptop has the power to broadcast back.

    HyperWRT is a bit closer to the Linksys firmware and may be an easier first step to hacking Linksys routers.


    BTW: your LifeHacker link points to http://wwwapps.ups.com/WebTracking/processRequest, not http://www.lifehacker.com/software/router/hack-attack-turn-your-60-router-into-a-600-router-178132.php

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