How to get “glass” into your application using WPF or WinForms

The great thing about working at a company the size of Microsoft is that sometimes people get things done that you wanted to do before you get around to it. In this case – some folks on our evangelism and SDK teams have written some really slick samples for how to get “glass” into your application, in a similar fashion to what you see in Internet Explorer 7+, Office 12, and Windows Media Player 11 on Windows Vista.

Tim Sneath’s walk-through of adding glass to a Windows Forms application

Adam Nathan’s example of Aero Glass inside a WPF Window

Happy coding!

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  1. Philip says:

    The problem with the windows forms version is that it is using a layered window – so that any mouse click on the "glass" area actually goes through to anything behind it!   This was brought up in the comments but never addressed. (nothing against Mr. Sneath, the information was definitely welcome)

    So if you still want, people would love it if you wrote up a correct solution!

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    It looks like the the main MSDN Blogs RSS feed at is horked in Google Reader. Your posts are bleeding HTML markup to the screen.

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