Responding to comments on podcasting

No question that this whole process is way more difficult than what's available with iTunes (I'm actually an avid iTunes user for podcasting).

The point of the post was just to demonstrate what's possible with the platform - you could easily build an application on Windows that takes the pieces that exist in IE and WMP to make a really smooth experience for customers out of the plumbing that's there already.

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  1. Josh says:

    Why not just make WMP 11 handle podcasts as albums that automatically update. This had to of been considered. With all of the improvements in WMP 11 and "Longhorn luvs RSS" stuff you would this that WMP 11 would support it. Also have to ask. What is with the abandonment of menus? Did people ever say they didn’t want them. If you can’t accomidate access to all functions of the application with buttons, DON’T make people right-click to get the menus and calling them "classic menus" is absured.

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