Charlie Owen talks Windows Vista..

Charlie Owen on the Windows Media Center team has been posting quite a bit lately on Windows Vista. He's got Aero running on his Toshiba M200 Tablet PC, which is exciting to hear, considering that it's almost two years old, and has a lower-end graphics card.

He also has a great post about some of the UI changes we've made for Windows Vista. It's a very well informed rebuttal to a post on Crazy Time Go which had some interesting samples of our UI changes. Charlie did a great job covering some of the main points, but I'd like to add a few other notes...

Aside from the fact that four out of five screenshots of Windows Vista in Mart's post were not the default configuration of the user interface. (Charlie points these out) there was also a good bit of the improvements we've made in Windows Vista that have been overlooked.

The start menu is vastly improved... you can search inline, without having to go to a "search page" or "search window"

...and if you're more of a "menu browsing" type of person, the experience of drilling into program groups is much better than ever before... instead of having to navigate through the giant cascading start menu in Windows XP, you can navigate in-place using the tree-control under "all programs".

The explorer window is also a lot more streamlined than before, (the height from the top of the window to the top of the file/folder list is actually several pixels shorter than in Windows XP), but we've also added some features that make it much easier to find your files:

Also no mention in Mart's post about benefits of desktop composition that come with Windows Aero, which will be a huge step forward for folks both in terms of improving reliability and visual quality, as well as making the experience better for folks who use more than one window at once.




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  1. Mart says:

    Hey Kam,

    Charlie nailed it – I can’t actually run Vista, my impressions of Vista were based on past Windows experience and descriptions and screenshots at Paul Thurrott’s WinSuperSite.  Charlie’s screens look much better (although I still much prefer OS X) – anyhoo, just thought I’d clear up that it’s not really a review or an article, more sort of an impromptu rant on an out-of-the-way blog…

  2. Kam VedBrat says:

    Mart –

    I didn’t realize you didn’t have access to the actual product. If you’d like to get on the beta, shoot me an email using the "contact me" link on the blog and I’ll see what I can do. Then you can give us your opinion of the "real deal" so to speak.


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