John Tokash likes Flip 3D

John Tokash made a nice comment about Flip3D in his blog entry about dinner with Jim Allchin.

He did as one question in his post that I'd like to address:

I wish they’d shown more of Flip 3d and the active thumbnails that rise up from the start bar. Those are the main reasons I boot Vista and why I used it nonstop for a while. Will we be able to build our own active thumbnail apps to replace Flip3d? I hope so!

We actually do have an API in Windows Vista that allows you to take the contents of one window and present them in another Window. This is what is used in the live previews that show up in the tooltips over taskbar buttons, and can be used by developers in their own creative ways.

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  1. Paulo says:

    Well, thats great, could he get more on that? What API is that? Is there any code for us, terraqueos, to see?


  2. Ravi says:

    How is Flip 3D equal to or better than Expose? I don’t see how it can be any faster to choose the window. In flip3D less of the window is visible .. which is quite frankly useless when multiple windows of the same app (such as MSN Messenger) are open. And flipping through more than about 7 windows would be a pain.

  3. ion says:

    It’s very nice. It would be good to read more posts like this one 😉

  4. John Tokash says:

    That’s great Kam!  Do you have any example code(C#, preferably) to demonstrate how to get at the preview windows?

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