comments are back after a bit of fiddling with the community server settings, people should now be able to comment without having to sign-in. enjoy!

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  1. Richard Askren says:

    That’s great. There were a few times I logged in and posted comments but they still didn’t show up. Hope this one does.

  2. on says:

    Finally! 🙂

    I logged in several times and posted comments but none of them appeared here.

    I wanted to ask about the UI blogs.

    There is which is empty for several months. But there is a link to:

    Well, it should be enough but Marc doesn’t update his blog too often.

    Then there was another url mentioned in the Preliminary Vista UI Guidelines:

    But it doesn’t exist.

    Please, Kam. Could you tell us anything? Why is there no UI blog? It would be very interesting to read a blog where we can understand decisions on UI changes (like there is Jensen Harris’ Office UI blog).

    (Happy New Year!)

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