All your television, to go…

If you use Windows XP Media Center Edition to record television, then this is for you: Creative has just marked down their portable media center to $299 after rebate.


former googlers blog

Business 2.0 has an entry on their blog about what its like to be interviewed by Sergey Brin, and also links to Xooglers.


toe to toe with ipod

Omar Shahine says he found a plays for sure device that measures up to ipod … I wonder if it is more scratch resistant than my nano.


Gecko Tip correction

The folks behind GeckoTip contacted me and pointed me to a better link for it, along with a newer version that has some important improvements. To get the right/latest one, go here:  


AOL HI-Q Video is really nice

… its very light on content but AOL HI-Q video’s picture quality on my toshiba m200 tablet pc is incredible… check it out.


using firefox on a tablet pc?

life just got easier. there’s now an extension that will make the tablet TIP work properly with firefox. TabletPCBuzz has a thread about it.


don’t fear windows vista graphics requirements

George Ou at zdnet has posted a great write up regarding Windows Vista and graphics hardware. One of the most common questions I get about Windows Vista is “will foo graphics card work on Windows Vista?” or “Do I need to get a new graphics card for Windows Vista?”. George’s write up puts this in…


Getting paid, helping folks get paid for podcasting

Fruitcast is advertising simple way to make some income from their podcasts by offering to append advertisements to your podcast and then sharing in the profits. Interesting business model…


Better Color Management in Windows XP

Digital photography enthusiasts will be pleased to see a new control panel applet that will let you have beter control over color in Windows XP.