Sean Alexander found what has got to be just about the coolest car-pc mod I've seen to date. Hosting Windows XP Media Center Edition in the dashboard is very cool. He's even got a great video walkthrough. What a great use of MCE! I wonder if there's enough room for one of these in my car... 😉

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  1. James Geurts says:

    There is always room…. you just need to make it 🙂

  2. Eric says:

    Here’s a PC mod where the computer actually drives the car.

    (I think it runs Linux though)

  3. If you think that’s a cool car PC you ought to check out (where this guy got his ideas from, but decided not to credit!). It’s by far not the coolest so far and it’s got to be said MCE is not a good choice for car PC front end.

    Have a look over at MP3car at the free software such as Centrafuse, Frodoplayer, MediaCar which are designed for in car use, and have a look at some of the in-dash installs – they blow this guys away.

  4. kiel says:

    yea, but the thing about centrafuse, frodoplayer, and mediacar is that they sometimes tend to be buggy, especially mediacar, tho some other guy is rebiulding the front end for mediacar (which looks to be the most promising once its done).

    just my $.02


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