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So the nifty audiovox smartphone broke down on New Years Day. Was out for walk around Greenlake with my wife and took the phone out of my pocket to see the time and discovered it was off. So I turned it on - got the Audiovox splashscreen followed by the Windows Mobile splashscreen and then it turned off again. Lather, rinse, repeat. I tried leaving it on the charger for a couple hours (it had charged all night the night before) to see if the battery was low but that did nothing. Eventually it turned on - claimed it couldn't find the cell network and after about 20 minutes turned off again. Lame.

Here's an easy solution - off to the ATT wireless store at University Villiage for a check-up. They're closed. Lets try Northgate Mall, they're sure to be open. I go to the counter and explain the situation to the guy behind the counter...

     Guy: "That's wierd - those phones are usually pretty reliable."

     Kam: "Well this one isn't."

     Guy: "How long have you had it?"

     Kam: "Six weeks."

     Guy: "We'll I'd replace it for you here but it's after the 30 days. You're still under warantee though, so if you call customer service they will send you a new one."

     Kam: "How am I supposed to call them? My phone is broken."

     Guy: "oh, here you go..."

Then he writes down the number on a post it note and hands it to me, and starts talking to the next customer in line. I just left.

On Monday I'll see if anyone at the Redmond Town Center store is more helpful.

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  1. anonymouse says:

    Once bought a modem from a UK retailer called PC World (back in 2000). It didn’t have any NT drivers with it (despite the text on the box), so I took it back to the store.

    Me: The modem doesn’t install. There isn’t an NT driver in the box.

    Assistant: It’s okay, you can download them off the manufacturer’s website.

  2. Matt Ellis says:

    Try a hard reset, it usually fixes these things…

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