Windows based Treo 700W

HowardForums has some info indicating that the new Windows-based Treo is coming out on January 5th. Now if only I can find a way out of my cingular contract… 😉


xbox 360 luck…

I got sick this weekend, so couldn’t really go to BestBuy and stay out in the cold for the “next shipment”… oddly enough, I went to the Best Buy store in Bellevue, WA this past Monday afternoon to get a CD and I notice a guy in a necktie handing a little blue ticket to these…


laptop cases

I saw this on one of the gadget blogs I read… red maloo makes some pretty cool laptop sleves…


put the needle on the record

yeah I know everyone already subscribes to gizmodo, but I thought this record player with built-in cd-burner was particularly cool… pricey, but sure would be nice to get my records into my media cener…


Legos meet Lite-Brite in the coolest possible way

Cool Hunting points to “Tile Toy” a concept toy that combines programmable LED displays and every kid’s favorite toy: “blocks”. This looks really fun – wish I had something like it when I was 4…


Max has ink support!

Microsoft Max now lets you add ink notes to the photos you are sharing. They were able to do this with the ink support that is built into Avalon! Adding ink to your own applications is fun and easy with ink canvas…


All your television, to go…

If you use Windows XP Media Center Edition to record television, then this is for you: Creative has just marked down their portable media center to $299 after rebate.


former googlers blog

Business 2.0 has an entry on their blog about what its like to be interviewed by Sergey Brin, and also links to Xooglers.


toe to toe with ipod

Omar Shahine says he found a plays for sure device that measures up to ipod … I wonder if it is more scratch resistant than my nano.