Customer Service

So I bought a new Audiovox Smartphones recently – and with it a plan from ATT Wireless (before the merger with Cingular) that included unlimited data for something like $25 a month. I’ve been really enjoying the unlimited data – especially because Windows Mobile 2003 supports sync’ing with Exchange servers over the air – and…


2005 PDC

The 2005 Microsoft Professional Developers Conference is going to be held on Sept 13-16th, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This is a great chance to meet with MSFT developers, other folkw developing on Windows, and learn about what’s new coming from Microsoft.  Sign up for more info here. 


MSN Spaces opens today!

MSN Spaces launched its beta today! MSN Spaces is a new blogging service from MSN. It’s got some very cool features – especially a great photo-sharing feature where you can create nice animated albums as part of your blog. Congratulations to them for shipping! Check it out!