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I've had a few folks mention to me how great the Dell 20" display is. I totally love it. Getting to the choice wasn't easy though. I'm a little spoiled with the panel I use at work, and originally thought of getting one of those... of course sanity set in quickly at the thought of spending nearly $3000 on a display that's used primarily for MSN Explorer and the occasional game of Age of Empires. Then I looked at the Apple Cinema Display at the Apple Store. That one was really beautiful. Then I realized that I could buy 3-5 20" Dell Display's for the price of either of these. The decision was clear as day.

The other thing worth pointing out here is that there's a fine line between "simple" and "no longer useful" that Apple crossed. Their display is georgous - hands down. One DVI port meant that I wouldn't be able to use it with my laptop directly! Looking for a KVM switch that works w/ DVI at 1920x1200 and also supports USB input devices yielded offerings over $500 that didn't quite meet my needs either. Dell had the best mix of performance, flexibility, and price - and it's a great product as well!

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  1. I’ve got one of the 20" Dell LCDs at work, and I’ve become totally converted to portrait displays. X11 supports a rotated framebuffer (unaccelerated :-(), but I recently found "PivotPro" which allows a rotated windows desktop. It is fantastic!

  2. hash says:

    Now if you owned an Apple Powerbook, you could easily hook up to the Apple Displays. 🙂 The issue is not that the Apple Displays are "no longer useful", it’s that the PC laptops choose to still support old standards like VGA 🙂 It’s refreshing to see Apple stick with the cutting edge.

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