The panel has arrived!

Last week I ordered a new Dell FP 2001 flat panel LCD monitor. I got an incredible deal using a coupon I that was listed on gotapex - if you're in the market for an LCD, these guys are your best friend. The thing is amazing! It arrived today and I just got done setting it up - the thing is incredible! Beautiful picture, built in USB ports, and best of all, it has both DVI and VGA cables so I can switch between laptop and desktop as I please!

Comments (2)

  1. Sahil Malik says:

    Hey I ordered the same, and I am planning to hook a dvd player, desktop, and a laptop to it. Plus you forgot .. it PIVOTS .. OOooooooooooo !!! :)))

  2. Got one too =) The 1600*1200 resolution is simply breathtaking on this monitor. Did you get the silver or black frame?

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