Tune in to the DirectX blog!

We’ve started a dedicated blog for all things DirectX, including Direct2D, DirectWrite, and some of the other new graphics technologies created for Windows 7. I’ll focus most of my posts regarding Windows Graphics on that blog moving forward. This one will remain active for other things…


Locating DirectX content on “The Goods” from PDC

We’ve had a handful of PDC attendees contact us directly asking for help finding the DirectX related materials on the hard-drive that was handed out as part of “The Goods” at PDC. If you look in this folder: \Windows7\Windows_Whitepapers_and_HOLs\High-Fidelity Graphics and Media\DirectX You will find: Four white-papers about DirectX innovations in Windows 7, including introductions…


neowin covers my talk!

It looks like some press folks from neowin were in the crowd for my talk yesterday, and posted some handheld video of the demo’s. link: http://www.neowin.net/index.php?act=view&id=49358


Watch my PDC talk on Channel 9

My PDC talk is now posted on Channel 9! If you weren’t able to attend at PDC, you can watch it here: https://channel9.msdn.com/pdc2008/PC18/. If you were in the audience at PDC, thank you very much coming. It was great to finally be able to talk about what I’ve been working on since shipping Windows Vista!…


Attend my presentation at PDC2008!

As you’ve probably guessed by know, I’ve been busy working on something that is part of Windows 7 for the past year and a half since Windows Vista shipped. I’ll be presenting session PC-18, “Windows 7: New Text and Graphics API’s” which will cover a great deal of what I’ve been working on. If you…



Not much to add here – just watch the clip…(updated with higher quality video) Video: Shoe Circus


Engineering Windows 7

I can’t talk about my work quite yet – but some of the senior leadership on the Windows 7 team have started a blog about the engineering process. You’ll want to subscribe to this one!


Eric Tan’s Poster Art

Sorry for radio silence on work related posts. I promise to come back to it when there’s something new for me to talk about. In the meantime, Slashfilm has a nice write-up on some super-cool retro poster-art that Eric Tan did for the new Pixar movie WALL-E. Check it out.