Visual Studio 2008

Installed it, failed! Installed .net framework 3.5 by myself. Tried to install again, worked like a charm!Made a one button application, called a webservice. Green lights all the way. My test phase of Visual Studio is complete! Send your own feedback on the installation to the team:


Forms Authentication with SharePoint

I’ve published a new screencast on It shows you how to use FormsAuthentication on a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site (WSS 3.0).It then continues with showing how to enable multiple authentication methods on one site (using Windows authentication and FormsAthentication simultaneous). Last but not least it shows how to create a page in SharePoint…


How to create a minimal.master for WSS

So I was asked by a partner of mine to help them create a minimal.master page for WSS. No problems, I’ve done that lots of times, search on on “minimal.master” and you’ll find the process is well documented here: Or so I thought… Turns out that description is only valid for MOSS. Darn!…


Building a SharePoint workflow in Visual Studio part 2

Ok, you’ve all seen my Screencast about how to deploy a workflow from Visual Studio to SharePoint (if not, you’ll find it further down). This Screencast is the next step; it shows how to work with tasks in a workflow. Catch it here: I showed this on the SommarKollo last week, so if you…


Authentication Provider .net 2.0

This screen cast ( shows you how to get the build in functionality in the Authentication Provider in .net 2.0 to work. This will let you build a webpage that requires login from the users without writing a single line of code. Why is this interesting for SharePoint? Because if you want to use FormsAuthentication…


And the nomination for best movie goes to…

The recordings from the SharePoint Innovation day that we held here in Stockholm is out on The winner in the category best Workflow example goes to ME JI also recommend the session that Pontus held about Web Content Managment It’s in Swedish but hey, the code speaks for itself!


SharePoint WebPart development

It’s not that hard to get started with developing a SharePoint WebPart if you know how to do it. Debugging it is also a breeze! Watch this screen cast on channel9: and you can see me do it (it’s in Swedish but mute the sound, you’ll understand the process anyway).


ECM Starter kit is released

A big component that you need when you are building workflows for MOSS in Visual Studio. You can find it here: WSS version: You can hear me in Swedish (and see my screen) building a Workflow and deploying it to MOSS 2007 here: (it is sort of a tv-chef recording so you…