Workflow LiveMeeting

Som jag lovade under mitt LiveMeeting 3:e november här kommer länken till ECM Starter Kit Ladda ner, använd, byt ut mot ECM Starter Kit som kommer när MOSS 2007 släpps. Förresten inspelning av alla LiveMeetings hittar ni på denna länk:


Getting started with developing an LCS Agent

Live Communications Server, LCS, provides a lot of fun stuff that you can do with it, and after all if you have sold it to your customer wouldn’t it be cool if you also could build an application that uses the LCS as an interface? I’m going to build a Bot that looks up some…


Virtual PC – Your friend

I just want to say that I’m super exited about Virtual PC!It’s a fantastic product that I would have loved to have been using back in the old days when I was a developer. Using VPC as a testing environment would have saved me a lot of re-ghosting time on my test machine… I was…


How to publish blog posts from Word 2007

Register your account in Word 2007 Select Community Server as your blog host Enter your username and password In the URL textbox put (if you have your blog at msdn) Create a new blog entry in word Click Publish Done!


How to create a blog at<name>

Get hired by Microsoft. Yes, blogs here are only available for fulltime Microsoft employees. Follow the instructions on this internal site: http://team/sites/blogsites/What%20Bloggers%20Need%20to%20Know/Creating%20a%20blog%20pages_Feb2_2006.doc Done!