How to publish blog posts from Word 2007

  1. Register your account in Word 2007

    1. Select Community Server as your blog host
    2. Enter your username and password
    3. In the URL textbox put (if you have your blog at msdn)
  2. Create a new blog entry in word
  3. Click Publish
  4. Done!

Comments (2)

  1. rdilallo says:

    This sounds like a great idea, but how do I register my account in Word 2007?

  2. BomBom says:

    Sorry for my late response, I’ve been to SPAIN 🙂

    Mabey it was a bit unclear on how to register your blog account in Word 2007, here’s some more in details.

    In Word when you have created a new blog entry document, click on Manage Accounts (upper left corner)

    Click new, and then fill out the wizard (you can get the help you need doing that from the wizard).


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