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Navic Networks to Microsoft: Will Television Ever Be the Same?

Interesting post from TVBoard. There are many in the media industry who assume that the operators will not work with Microsoft. But the truth is the cable guys have never shied away from Microsoft and would probably embrace them on the advertising front. Even on the technology side, were they sufficiently motivated to move away… Read more

How to Build a Networked Zune Game with XNA

Dan Waters has a great video series as well as code download showing how to build a networked Zune game.  How To Build a Networked Zune Game with XNA Series – Introduction How to Build a Networked Zune Game with XNA Series- Part 2, The Code Every time we go out to dinner and there… Read more

Microsoft and Web 2.0 Resources

Thanks to the folks at Lexis Nexis who attended my talk on “Microsoft and Web 2.0” today.  I went through quite a bit of material around Windows Live, the Live Platform, Silverlight, and newer technologies like DeepZoom, PhotoSynth, Live Mesh, SQL Server Data Services, and BizTalk Services. You can find the deck I used on… Read more

Backing Up Your Zune

My laptop hard drive was running out of space, so I moved all of my music files to an external USB drive.  Shortly after, the external USB crashed.  Now, the Zune was the only place that had all of these songs (and I have a ton of songs that I ripped from CD before a… Read more

Today’s offer – White Zune for $129

My teammate, David Jung, turned me onto Woot!.  It’s a site where they put one technology item up for sale for 1 day at a really, really low price.  David likes to show off some of the amazing deals that he has snagged including an external hard drive enclosure that he got for ridiculously cheap. … Read more