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Microsoft Shows Off Single Game Running on Windows, Windows Phone, and XBox

This made my jaw drop. I cannot wait until the upcoming MIX 10 event to see what else is announced. … Read more

Navic Networks to Microsoft: Will Television Ever Be the Same?

Interesting post from TVBoard. There are many in the media industry who assume that the operators will not work with Microsoft. But the truth is the cable guys have never shied away from Microsoft and would probably embrace them on the advertising front. Even on the technology side, were they sufficiently motivated to move away… Read more

I Bought Guitar Hero 3 for Father’s Day. Ouch.

Yesterday was Father’s Day in the US.  We celebrated by going to GameStop and bought Call of Duty 4 and Guitar Hero 3.  I made the mistake of putting in Guitar Hero 3 into the XBox 360 first.  I played it straight for almost 5 hours.  I have a freaking blister on my thumb, and… Read more

Microsoft and Web 2.0 Resources

Thanks to the folks at Lexis Nexis who attended my talk on “Microsoft and Web 2.0” today.  I went through quite a bit of material around Windows Live, the Live Platform, Silverlight, and newer technologies like DeepZoom, PhotoSynth, Live Mesh, SQL Server Data Services, and BizTalk Services. You can find the deck I used on… Read more

Blame it on Halo 3

I meant to post this earlier, but… err, well, I couldn’t get around to it… I was playing Halo 3.Blame Halo 3 – Watch more free videos Too funny… I have played several of the guys shown in the players list at 2:57. When you recognize gamer tags in a video making fun of your… Read more

Just Blog to Win a Free XBox?

Can’t get to Vegas or Orlando?  Have you heard about the Microsoft Web Experience events in Los Angeles and Denver?  Want to win an XBox 360 simply by cutting and pasting?  Read on. These Web Experience events are about the technologies that Microsoft offers.We are showing how to build compelling solutions using technologies like Blend,… Read more

Web Experiences Events in NYC, LA, and Denver

Come to the Web Experiences events in New York City (May 31st), Los Angeles (June 8th), or Denver (June 15th). At the Web Experiences Events we will demonstrate Microsoft’s next generation of technologies such as Silverlight, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow, IIS 7, ASP.NET Ajax and much more that can help you build these… Read more

Halo 2 Ghostbike

Ya gotta love this… the Halo2 Ghost Bike. [ via Joystiq] My favorite is the first comment…. “I’d pay good money to see someone jump on the front of it during the race, punch the driver in the face knocking him off and then the attacker driving off with it…..”… Read more