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Install a New Active Directory forest on an Azure Virtual Network

This post will show how to install a new Active Directory forest on an Azure Virtual Network.  We will use this domain controller and virtual network in subsequent posts. DISCLAIMER: This post does not contain definitive guidance on the correct way to create a domain controller in Azure.  For more definitive guidance, please see TechNet… Read more

Initiate a Skype chat from a Windows app

This post will show how to initiate a chat using Skype from a Windows app. Background I am working on a team project that needs to add a bunch of functionality such as sharing to social networks and initiating discussion with others.  We have a very limited amount of time to build this functionality ourselves. … Read more

Sharing in Windows 8 Apps

This post will show an example of sharing using a Windows 8 app. Background I am working on a team project with a requirement to post information to Twitter and Facebook from a Windows 8 app.  We started looking at writing our own user interfaces to do this, and then realized this was kind of… Read more

Making The Case for Async Web Parts

This post will show how to make a call to HttpWebRequest asynchronously from a web part and wait on the result or time out. Years ago, I was fortunate to meet Jeff Richter and attend a session he gave on .NET performance.  He discussed I/O completion ports and showed why any calls from an ASP.NET… Read more

Preview Code Files in Windows 7

The Windows 7 preview pane allows you to preview contents of files easily.  Out of the box, I can view .ASPX and .CS files easily, just click on the file in the Explorer and the contents show up in the preview pane.  But clicking on .js files (I seem to have a lot of them… Read more

Microsoft Shows Off Single Game Running on Windows, Windows Phone, and XBox

This made my jaw drop. I cannot wait until the upcoming MIX 10 event to see what else is announced. … Read more