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Switching a Windows Live ID for Zune and XBox

I got a shiny new Windows Phone 7 yesterday, I was so excited.  I chose the Samsung Focus from AT&T.  I excitedly added my Windows Live ID to it during initialization, and the first thing I did was go to set up the XBox Live hub, anxious to see my XBox Live avatar show up. … Read more

Outlook Social Connector for Facebook

  The Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Provider for Facebook is now available! I’ll admit, I am a huge Facebook fan.  I have come to use it more than any other social network.  That’s why I was excited to see the Outlook Social Connector for Facebook announced.  I installed it, and already am seeing all of… Read more

SharePoint as a Composite Application Platform

I had the pleasure of speaking at the SharePoint TechFest 2010 event today in Dallas, Texas.  Over 650 people at this event, holy smokes it was a great time.  I had the first time slot of the day, and when I first started the talk the room wasn’t even 1/4 full (maybe about 30 people). … Read more

Cloud Services: How Do I videos for developers

I just noticed a free set of “How Do I” videos for Live, Azure, and Microsoft .NET Services.  Oh, this is slick! I have been talking to a number of large customers recently about Microsoft’s cloud initiatives, and there is a growing swell of interest from executives looking to increase their capabilities while decreasing their… Read more

Using ASP.NET Dynamic Data with the Windows Workflow Foundation Rules Engine

In this post, I will show how to use the Windows Workflow Foundation rules engine to provide business logic for a Dynamic Data Entites Web Application.  We will show how to change business rules without modifying code, drive the application based on a logical entity model, and map the entity model to a data store…. Read more

The Impact of Enterprise 2.0 on the Enterprise

When I think of the impact of Enterprise 2.0 in the next 5 years, I can’t help but imagine there’s a war brewing.  Web 2.0 was the big love fest, can’t we all just share data and get along with standards?  Enterprise 2.0, by contrast, doesn’t share that same vision.  Today’s view is, “Can’t we… Read more

Channel9 Interviews Posted

I have procrastinated forever it seems on getting some of my videos published onto Channel9.  Well, I finally found some free time and got a few of the videos posted.Trends in the Media Industry with Brian O’Neil Brian O’Neil is a Solutions Architect with Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta.  In this interview, Brian talks about the… Read more

Microsoft and Web 2.0 Resources

Thanks to the folks at Lexis Nexis who attended my talk on “Microsoft and Web 2.0” today.  I went through quite a bit of material around Windows Live, the Live Platform, Silverlight, and newer technologies like DeepZoom, PhotoSynth, Live Mesh, SQL Server Data Services, and BizTalk Services. You can find the deck I used on… Read more

Thanks to Lexis Nexis!

We are about to start a great day showing technologies like .NET 3.5, Visual Studio 2008, and SharePoint technologies.  I thought I’d be proactive and post the materials beforehand.  Make sure to check out Rob Cameron’s blog for additional information. Just about everything shown today came from the VS2008 Training Kit.  All of the demos… Read more