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How I Became a SharePoint 2010 MCM

I recently attained the Microsoft Certified Master for SharePoint 2010 certification.  I have long wanted to write about the experience, but honestly didn’t know how to begin.  After quite a few conversations with friends and colleagues, I thought I would share some insight about the process.  I am not writing this to dissuade you from… Read more

Get Social Data from SharePoint via Web Service

I am working on a project to create newsletters to send to my customers, and experimenting with a few ways to collect the information so that I can easily author the newsletter later.  One way that I am experimenting with is to use the Tagging feature of SharePoint 2010.  As I visit different web sites… Read more

WinDBG and PssCor2 for SharePoint Developers

In this post, we’ll see some steps about how to troubleshoot a production SharePoint site using WinDBG and PssCor2.dll.  For an introduction to setting up your environment and getting started, see my blog post “Intro to WinDBG for .NET Developers”.  In this post, we’ll apply some of our WinDBG skills to a SharePoint environment and… Read more

SharePoint Developers–What’s On Your Machine?

I recently got a question from a customer about utilities to include on their development machines.  My view is that you should trust your developers and let them install the tools they need.  However, some devs don’t have managers who trust their developers to do the right thing and they need to request tools in… Read more

What is a Dedicated Support Engineer?

For the past 7 years, I worked in Developer Platform Evangelism to talk to customers about the latest and greatest technologies that Microsoft would soon be releasing, and worked to gain early adopters of the technologies.  This was a very fun job, but I desired a change.  This past July, I joined the Premier Field… Read more

Book Review: WCF 4.0 Multi-tier Services Development with LINQ to Entities

The great folks at Packt Publishing contacted me to ask if I was interested in reviewing a title for them.  When I saw the title, I said “heck yes!”  The book is WCF 4.0 Multi-tier Services Development with LINQ to Entities.  I have closely followed WCF since its early days as “Indigo”, and I was… Read more

Deck from SharePointPro 2010 Summit – Developer Best Practices

Thanks to everyone who attended the SharePoint 2010 Developer Best Practices talk at the SharePointPro 2010 Summit and Expo conference.  As promised, the deck has been uploaded.  Get it here. Also, please remember to tweet about the event.  The event hashtag is #spprosummit, and my Twitter name is @kaevans…. Read more

SharePoint as a Composite Application Platform

I had the pleasure of speaking at the SharePoint TechFest 2010 event today in Dallas, Texas.  Over 650 people at this event, holy smokes it was a great time.  I had the first time slot of the day, and when I first started the talk the room wasn’t even 1/4 full (maybe about 30 people). … Read more

WCF Data Services, SharePoint 2010, and DataServiceVersion

I am putting together some demos for SharePoint 2010, and one of the demos I really wanted to show off was building a Windows Forms application that talks to SharePoint 2010’s REST services.  If you haven’t seen this in action yet, you owe it to yourself to watch this session from PDC (  Maxim Lukiyanov… Read more