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Visual Studio Release Management, DSC, and Azure VMs

This post will show how to use Visual Studio Release Management with Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) to configure multiple deployment environments and deploy an application.  If you just want to see the big payoff, scroll all the way down to the section “The Big Payoff”. Background I am presenting a series of workshops… Read more

Maven Builds in Visual Studio Online

This post shows how to use Maven to build projects in Visual Studio Online using the Team Foundation Server plug-in for Eclipse. Background As I have been doing a bit of Java coding lately, I am starting to see some of the opportunities to highlight capabilities people likely didn’t know about.  For instance, did you… Read more

Deploying a SharePoint App to Azure As Part of a Build

This post will show how to use continuous integration with a SharePoint provider-hosted app deployed to an Azure web site. Background I’ve written on the topic of SharePoint apps and ALM before, but I couldn’t get the whole thing to work with Azure web sites, just my own IIS server.  I decided it was too… Read more

Deploying an Azure Web Site Using Git and Continuous Integration

This post will show how to deploy an Azure Web Site using Git and Continuous Integration.  By the time I typed that long title, I’ve told you pretty much the whole story.  Background I attended the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp today and had a blast going through labs and watching demos.  Sure, most of it… Read more