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How I Became a SharePoint 2010 MCM

I recently attained the Microsoft Certified Master for SharePoint 2010 certification.  I have long wanted to write about the experience, but honestly didn’t know how to begin.  After quite a few conversations with friends and colleagues, I thought I would share some insight about the process.  I am not writing this to dissuade you from… Read more

Create DNS Entries From a File

This post will show how to create DNS entries from a file using the DNSCmd.exe tool. Background I have a kind of edge case that I am trying to troubleshoot for my customer.  They have a lot of sub-companies, and they created a web application per company.  Fast forward a few years, they now have… Read more

Set IIS Log Fields with C#

This post shows how to set the log fields for IIS web sites programmatically.  Code is attached at the end of the post. Background I have a customer that has many web applications, and we need to set the IIS log fields to do some investigation.  James Blackwell posted a great sample of how to… Read more

Making The Case for Async Web Parts

This post will show how to make a call to HttpWebRequest asynchronously from a web part and wait on the result or time out. Years ago, I was fortunate to meet Jeff Richter and attend a session he gave on .NET performance.  He discussed I/O completion ports and showed why any calls from an ASP.NET… Read more

Programmatically Creating a SharePoint Content Type

I have been working on a project that requires creating a content type programmatically.  Admittedly, it took me awhile to figure it out.  You can create a content type for SharePoint declaratively in a feature using XML similar to the following: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Elements Id="2fdb55a0-75c1-4ad4-b709-82b2e1393f34" xmlns=""> <ContentType ID="0x010100C568DB52D9D0A14D9B2FDCC96666E9F2 007948130EC3DB064584E219954237AF39 0075425CE93BDC404F8B042629FC235785" Name="TermsAndConditionsType" Group="Custom Content Types"… Read more

Debugging JavaScript with the IE Developer Tools

An interesting question was posted on one of the distribution lists today. “The client wanted to look into this MSDN drag and drop typed left navigation bar to work on Sharepoint 2010, does anyone make this work or have idea about this?” Click the control that is circled, and the menu is expanded or contracted. … Read more

WinDBG and PssCor2 for SharePoint Developers

In this post, we’ll see some steps about how to troubleshoot a production SharePoint site using WinDBG and PssCor2.dll.  For an introduction to setting up your environment and getting started, see my blog post “Intro to WinDBG for .NET Developers”.  In this post, we’ll apply some of our WinDBG skills to a SharePoint environment and… Read more

Intro to WinDBG for .NET Developers

When your code goes into production, you usually no longer have access to its binaries when they reach their final destination.  Whether that is someone’s desktop or a set of servers, you no longer have access to directly observe your code and its environment.  Operating system patches are applied, network policies are changed, firewall rules… Read more

What is a Dedicated Support Engineer?

For the past 7 years, I worked in Developer Platform Evangelism to talk to customers about the latest and greatest technologies that Microsoft would soon be releasing, and worked to gain early adopters of the technologies.  This was a very fun job, but I desired a change.  This past July, I joined the Premier Field… Read more

Creating a Delete Without Recycling Feature for List Items in SharePoint 2007

In my last post, I talked about errors you might encounter while trying to empty the second stage recycle bin with SharePoint 2007.  My customer encountered this problem partially because a single site deletes upwards of 2,000 items per day.  They saw items in the second stage recycle bin that were 8 months old and… Read more