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My New Dev Rig: Boot to VHD and Hyper-V

I have a Lenovo T61P with 8 GB RAM.  That’s what I use to do demos.  To many devs, they’re thinking, “oh man, wish I had that much RAM”.  I wish you did, too, because the ROI of adding RAM for developers is an easy justification.  But here’s the thing… I don’t just dev with… Read more

2 Coolest Things: Boot to VHD, and TFS Basic

This is an email that I sent to my co-workers, and decided that it’s something I should share with the masses.  I’ve been doing the same job for almost 6 years, not a whole lot gets me jazzed about technology these days.  This past week, I had 2 moments where I sat up in my… Read more

Compressing Huge Virtual PC Hard Drives

I have several upcoming demos where I’d like to show off Windows Server 2008.  I broke out my MSDN DVDs and installed WS2008 Enterprise and Visual Studio 2008, and the file size quickly ran up to 10GB.  This drive is going to serve as the base for other differencing hard drives, so I want to… Read more