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Join a Virtual Machine to Existing Domain with Key Vault and ARM templates

One of my customers is building a set of ARM templates for their internal users.  They wanted to remove the burden for users to specify the local administrator’s credentials, but wanted to store the credentials securely. To skip the explanation and just go to the code, see The problem is that you cannot reference… Read more

Creating Dev and Test Environments with Windows PowerShell

This post will discuss creating application environments with Windows PowerShell.  We will use these environments in subsequent posts. Background I have participated in a series of readiness workshops with our top GSI partners.  Part of the workshop includes case studies where we have the participants review requirements and propose solutions within a few constraints.  One… Read more

Autoscaling Azure–Virtual Machines

This post will demonstrate autoscaling in Azure virtual machines. Background While I spend most of my time working with PaaS (platform as a service) components of Azure such as Cloud Services and Websites, I frequently need to help customers with solutions that require IaaS (infrastructure as a service) virtual machines.  A topic that comes up… Read more