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Virtual Earth Now Supports Pin Clustering

Very cool… Virtual Earth now supports pin clustering.  You can see a sample that shows pin clustering.  You can control clustering with a VEClusteringOptions class, which contains properties for the Icon and callback method. This is a lot easier that the kludge code that I wrote for a customer awhile back, and works a lot… Read more

I Need Your Help Planning for SharePoint Training

It’s time to submit our FY09 plans, and I am looking for your help.  I’ve got a lot of really cool stuff to share with you around SharePoint this year (Enterprise Social Computing, integrating .NET 3.5 and Silverlight, creating solutions with SharePoint and Office 2007, integrating SharePoint and BI, and more).  Now, I need your… Read more

The Impact of Enterprise 2.0 on the Enterprise

When I think of the impact of Enterprise 2.0 in the next 5 years, I can’t help but imagine there’s a war brewing.  Web 2.0 was the big love fest, can’t we all just share data and get along with standards?  Enterprise 2.0, by contrast, doesn’t share that same vision.  Today’s view is, “Can’t we… Read more

Microsoft and Web 2.0 Resources

Thanks to the folks at Lexis Nexis who attended my talk on “Microsoft and Web 2.0” today.  I went through quite a bit of material around Windows Live, the Live Platform, Silverlight, and newer technologies like DeepZoom, PhotoSynth, Live Mesh, SQL Server Data Services, and BizTalk Services. You can find the deck I used on… Read more

What You Need To Know: WCF, WCF, ADO.NET SyncServices, and ClickOnce

I had a great time visiting with a great team at Verizon this week.  I was able to present on a number of technologies, including ADO.NET Sync Services, WCF, WF, and ClickOnce.  I was going to send this in an email, then I realized that there are some great bits in here that would appeal… Read more

Using the Virtual Earth Control in SharePoint

I have been using the Virtual Earth control a lot lately for various demos, mostly by putting customized maps into SharePoint Content Editor web part.  It’s a cool effect, and can be an incredibly useful tool for your company’s intranet. For instance, I am planning an event at Qwest in Denver, Colorado.  There are over 12 people… Read more

JavaScript Intellisense for Virtual Earth

One of my favorite things about Visual Studio 2008 is the JavaScript support, getting debugging and Intellisense support in the IDE.  Scott Guthrie wrote an excellent blog post highlighting the JavaScript Intellisense support in VS2008.  One of the first things I thought when I saw this was, “wouldn’t it be great if the Virtual Earth… Read more

WCF, AJAX, and Virtual Earth in Visual Studio 2008

Eric Ebell, working at one of our service provider customers in Atlanta, pinged me about a JavaScript question, wanting to know how to call a web service and then fill a table dynamically with the results.  I am not a JavaScript developer by any means, so this was a cool little challenge to take Visual Studio… Read more