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RIP, Uga VI… One Heck of a Bulldog

Sad… Uga VI, the winningest Georgia Bulldog mascot, passed today. My wife just brought home the Sporting news College Football ’08 issue that shows UGA as #1 for the upcoming year.  Here’s the lineup. Georgia Ohio State USC Oklahoma LSU Missouri Clemson WestVirginia Florida Illinois It’s going to be an amazing year.  Sad that… Read more

SEC is the Toughest Conference in 2007

LSU is undisputed as the #1 team (despite fuzzy BCS math allowing LSU to leapfrog Georgia when Ohio State didn’t have to play anyone…).  Great news is that Georgia finished the season at #2, even receiving 3 first place nods.  This makes the SEC the first league since the Big 8 in 1971 to have… Read more

Georgia Routs Undefeated Hawaii

For the past week, each sports writer covering the Georgia and Hawaii matchup could not resist two little words in their interviews and articles. Boise State. In January 2007, underdog Boise State upset hugely favored Oklahoma.  Many writers, looking for an angle to sensationalize this ho-hum matchup, capitalized on quarterback sensation Colt Brennan and the… Read more

UGA to play Hawaii? Was USC that afraid of getting beaten?

I have to give props to Hawaii, the only team to go undefeated.  But seriously, look at who they played: Northern Colorado. Louisiana Tech.  UNLV.  Charleston Southern.  Great schedule, guys… I think you missed the St. Mary’s Boys’ College in that schedule to round out a tough year. And now UGA gets to play them… Read more

OMG!!! UGA Wins Against Florida!!!!

HOLY CRAP!!!!  Urban Meyer throws his headphones (a la Spurrier throwing his visor), and UGA wins against Florida, 42-30!!! Knowshon Moreno was undoubtedly the player of the game, and ESPN had BETTER show UGA having the winning Game Changing Play.  I am floored.  I bet against UGA today.  I bet against Boston College on Thursday. … Read more

A Great Weekend for College Football

Last weekend was WTF Saturday, with 5 of the top 10 teams losing games (4 of which were to UNRANKED teams).  I don’t see how anyone could have done well in a college football pool or in a fantasy league from last week.  My mom would have done great in a college football pool, we… Read more

UGA Beats Alabama in Tuscaloosa… Go Dawgs!

I was really dismayed about UGA’s loss to South Carolina, knocking us down to 22 in the rankings.  Last week, they looked good, but it wasn’t really a question going in who should have won.  But today… UGA came through in overtime and beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa 26-23.  Admittedly, Alabama looked great in the 4th… Read more

Are you ready for some football?!?!

It’s that glorious time of year again… time for College Football.  If you are thinking, “so what?” then you probably didn’t grow up in the South.  For example, this piece understands what college football is like in the South: Since I moved to Carrollton, Texas, Saturdays are a little odd.  There’s some football hype here,… Read more