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Verizon Wireless Goodness

Just got this email from a coworker.  Had no idea this was available, I’ll certainly leverage the Friends and Family feature, especially for the conference calling number that we use within Microsoft… that will save me some minutes per month, absolutely. I don’t know if anyone else has discovered this but Verizon has some new… Read more

The ROI of Software Made Simple

Josh Holmes has a great post about going the the mattresses to prove ROI for your application.  His post, “Moving From Cost center to Strategic Partner”, is well-written and is dead on the money. During my interview process at Microsoft, my interviews focused predominantly on two themes: how do you increase revenue or decrease cost… Read more

I Need Your Help Planning for SharePoint Training

It’s time to submit our FY09 plans, and I am looking for your help.  I’ve got a lot of really cool stuff to share with you around SharePoint this year (Enterprise Social Computing, integrating .NET 3.5 and Silverlight, creating solutions with SharePoint and Office 2007, integrating SharePoint and BI, and more).  Now, I need your… Read more

Webcast – Visual Studio for C++ Developers

Making sure everyone is aware that my colleague, Rob Cameron, is hosting a webcast on Friday, June 20th from 11:00am – 12:30 pm PST: Visual Studio for C++ Developers Visual C++ provides a powerful and flexible development environment for creating Microsoft Windows-based and Microsoft .NET-based applications. In this session, Ale Contenti (Senior Development Lead for… Read more

TIBCO Announces Interoperability with WCF and Adoption of Silvlierlight

As I work with various telcos, I have run across opportunities to integrate .NET solutions with Tibco infrastructures on a number of occasions.  Particularly, this crops up around OSS/BSS in the telcos.  I was very happy to hear that Tibco has announced a WCF channel that enables .NET applications to communicate much easier. TIBCO and… Read more

What You Need To Know: WCF, WCF, ADO.NET SyncServices, and ClickOnce

I had a great time visiting with a great team at Verizon this week.  I was able to present on a number of technologies, including ADO.NET Sync Services, WCF, WF, and ClickOnce.  I was going to send this in an email, then I realized that there are some great bits in here that would appeal… Read more

Watch the Masters Live… Using Silverlight

Very cool… AT&T is broadcasting the Masters via Silverlight! The site includes a player that provides viewers with a mosaic type interface that allows for multiple live video feeds of different content simultaneously.  You can choose how live and on-demand video feeds are seen by utilizing a multi-playlist, easy to navigate menu.  In addition, you can view… Read more

AT&T Announced the Surface in their Experience Stores

Getting the Surface into the AT&T Experience Stores is something that I have gotten to be a part of, and I have to say that it’s great that the cat is finally out of the bag.  Imagine if you are able to actually experience the device you are about to buy, see a bunch of… Read more

AT&T to Offer Mobile Television – Are Commuters the Only Ones Who Will Care?

NEW YORK – AT&T Inc. said on Thursday it would launch mobile television services in May from MediaFlo USA, a unit of Qualcomm Inc., in an effort to bolster revenue from services other than phone calls. AT&T, the biggest U.S. mobile service, said it would offer MediaFlo to users of the Vu phone from LG… Read more

Digital Asset Management and IMM

My wife says I have the humor of a 13-year old at times.  Maybe she’s right. I was able to interview Mark Kashman, Product Manager for Interactive Media Manager, on IMM as a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution.  I can’t help but picture Beavis and Butthead, “Huh huh huh… he said DAM.” Jokes aside, this… Read more