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My Phone Rocks.

It’s been a long time since I said my phone rocks… three years, in fact, since I actually liked my phone.  Today I bought a phone that made me want to share just how cool it is, the Verizon Wireless Samsung SCH-i760.  Despite the horrifically unmemorable name (nothing like “Chocolate”), the phone simply rocks. Lest… Read more

They Won!!!

After 19 games, the last game of the season… my son’s hockey team finally won a game!  My son played 17 of the games as goalie, and it’s really tough to lose that many games as goalie.  He really got down on himself, and he’s only 7… seeing him so disappointed is frustrating as a… Read more

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I was tagged by Paul, and was on vacation when it happened. Here are five things you didn’t know about me. I fought like hell to get a job at Microsoft. I was beat out by Keven Markham for a consulting position (which I am SO glad I never got), beat out by Doug Turnure… Read more

Implemented TEST

It’s official, I implemented TEST. POST /kaevans HTTP/1.1Host:blogs.msdn.comContent-Type: text/xml; charset=”utf-8″Content-Length: nnnn<person>  <name>Kirk Allen Evans</name>  <state>TX</state></person> Of course, the very first Saturday that I am here, Georgia is playing Auburn, and the FREAKING GAME ISN’T TELEVISED HERE IN DALLAS!!!  I am trying to get updates via ESPN GameCast, but there’s just nothing like hearing the gravelly… Read more

I’ve Got That Buffett Thing Starting to Kick In

This year, I turn 35. There’s a song by Jimmy Buffett called “A Pirate Looks At Forty.” Most people would recognize the opening line, “Mother, Mother, Ocean… I have heard you call.” Looking back on the past 5 years and how quickly things have changed, I can’t help but feel that forty is quickly approaching…. Read more

I just got a new XBox 360… now what?

For Father’s Day, my wife bought me a shiny new drill.  While I was very appreciative, I knew that it would go unopened for at least a month or two as I had just completed the home project it was intended for.  And since we are going to move soon, it might even go unopened… Read more