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Replicating the Demo from the PDC05 COM200 Session

If you didn’t attend PDC05 this year and missed the COM200 – Applications and Communications Roadmap: Platforms Presents and Futures session from PDC 05, you can view it online.  In the session, Don Box and Mike Vernal walk through some interesting WCF demos including Mike converting WSDL to CLR types by hand, which really drives home the association… Read more

PDC Material Online

Check out the sessions from this year’s Professional Developers Conference, hosted online.  I just started downloading some of the WCF sessions that I missed.  [via Mike Swanson]… Read more

PDC05 – Distributed Transactions and Attendance

I spent a lot of time at PDC debating the merits and drawbacks of distributed transactions and appropriate models within enterprise architectures.  I have preconceived notions on distributed transactions (just say no unless you are really sure of why you are saying yes), but wanted to reconfirm my beliefs now that Enterprise Services is being… Read more

Russian dolls and venetian blinds

sitting with Don Smith and Peter Provost, Peter discussed schema tools support and the “russian doll” model. This refers to having nested complex types in the generated schema (anonymous types) versus the “venetian blind” model, where you specify global complex and simple types. Considering the guidance from Don, Tim, and Gudge’s talk in 2003’s PDC… Read more

Thanks for the mention, Aaron!

Talked with Aaron Skonnard for a little while today at the PluralSight booth, he told me that he used my XSD Build Provider for contract first web services in Visual Studio 2005 in his pre-con talk for PDC.  Thanks for the mention!  I wondered where that spike of traffic came from this weekend…. Read more

CSNA Reception Event at The Standard

Somehow, I was able to convince our team into throwing a party similar to WS-Sushi.  What a great night it was!  We had the party on top of The Standard Hotel in downtown L.A., and had nearly 50 customers from the Communications Sector partying with around 50 other people from the product teams and community.  The Communications Sector… Read more