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System.Xml in Whidbey

Drew is real-time blogging this session, so you should see some more feedback soon.  XmlDocument is dead.  Was great in its time, served its prpose, is now on its way out. XmlDocument bared all.  It showed its internal structure, which made it hard to optimize structure in how you store the data.  It was also very… Read more

Don Box Quotes – Scooped

I was going to post a couple DB quotes myself, but got scooped.  In one of the Indigo sessions, Don was talking and just transitioned from Reliable messaging into Security.  Just as he paused, the lights came on bright.   ” Did you notice at some point, when the speech makes sense, there’s a bright light… Read more

Session Notes – ASP.NET Whidbey Stuff

XML stuff in WhidbeyThis session was entirely too full, people were out in the halls.  Too much stuff on DataSets. XML Designer has enforcemnt of XML 1.0 rules within the designer. Designer now supports DTDs.  Use a toolbar button to generate a schema from a DTD (essentially, run DTD through XSD.exe). Scott Guthrie’s ASP.NET Whidbey… Read more

PDC: Pre-Conference Info (XML and Web Services Pre-Con)

Like Drew and Benjamin, I attended the “.NET – The XML and Web Services Perspective“ presentation by Don Box, Tim Ewald, and Martin Gudgin.  For those hoping to hear a lot of scoop on Indigo and the future of XML in .NET, you really aren’t going to hear a lot of new stuff from this… Read more

PDC 2003 Community App

If you are at PDC, you can go to http://pdcvibe and download the PDC 2003 community app.  Sure, there are some quirks with it (it overlays the task bar at the bottom of the screen, and the navigability is less than desirable), but it is still a very cool application. Once you download the app,… Read more